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Mental Skills for Young Athletes

Mental Skills for
Young Athletes

A mental skills workbook for athletes 12 years and under

by John M. Hogg, PhD

Foreword by Wayne Gretzky
Illustrations by Alex Labarda

ISBN 0-9680008-2-7
160 pages / workbook / illustrations

This book is a delightful story about familiar animals who come together to learn and discuss the many different aspects of mental preparation in sport (and life). Each animal offers insights into the basic mental skills required for successful performance. Follow-up exercises and select tasks are provided as a significant part of each reader's learning process. The focus is on six foundational skills: namely, self awareness, goal-setting, relaxation or energizing, positive self-talk, imagery, and attention. Further topics include creating and maintaining ideal performance states, harnessing the emotions, and building team harmony.

"... So take the time to read this great book of information and each time you play or practice your sport, try and put these skills into practice."
Wayne Gretzky
"Few materials in the applied sport psychology literature provide simple, concise, workbook style activities that can be self directed or leader organized, such as those found in this new book. ... coaches, parents with young athletes, and sport psychologists should have a copy of this workbook."
The Sport Psychologist, 1998, 12, 358-60
"The format of this book is well thought out ... particularly impressive is the wide variety of exercises the author uses to help the young athletes work on the mental skills ... this book is strongly recommended for young athletes looking to develop a more balanced and complete approach to their sport."
American Psychological Association, Division 47, 1998, 12(1), 6

About the Author: John Hogg is a unique blend of practitioner and scientist. For over thirty years he was a successful swimming coach at the club, university, and international levels, training and guiding athletes to world class competition. He served with the Canadian Swim Team as a performance enhancement consultant at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. John currently teaches sport psychology and performance enhancement at both undergraduate and graduate levels in the capacity of Professor at the University of Alberta, Canada.

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