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Pronto y práctico -- Practical Spanish for Canadians

"Pronto y práctico" --
Practical Spanish for Canadians

by Ingrid de la Barra and
Brenda Wegmann

Illustrations by Norma Vidal

ISBN 0-9698679-0-5
281 pages / workbook / includes a
companion Compact Disk (90 min.)

Pronto y práctico represents a practical and enjoyable approach to mastering the basics of the world's most user-friendly international language. Designed especially for the interests of English-speaking Canadians, the book and its companion tape represent the most essential points of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, and usage in clear language with useful examples and lively exercises.

The materials are content-based and divided into ten chapters (focus points) based on themes relevant to travel, business, and culture in the Spanish speaking world. At the same time, this textbook targets the expansion of the students' capacity for speaking about the past and future through the presentation and practice of the preterite, imperfect, future, and conditional tenses along with direct and indirect object pronouns. Each focus point gives an integrated approach since it explains and reinforces important structures through useful authentic readings, activities, and exercises.

This Canadian textbook has a strong emphasis on interaction and active participation; this is a great aid to learning a second language. Group and pair activities, role-playing and pantomime are included in all chapters. There is also an inclusion of TPR (Total Physical Response). This feature has been used with success in numerous programs in Canada and the U.S.A. in recent years.

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""Pronto y práctico" -- Practical Spanish for Canadians"

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