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Martin Nordegg: The Uncommon Immigrant

Martin Nordegg:
The Uncommon Immigrant

by W. John Koch

ISBN 0-9699669-5-4
408 pages / bibliography /
index / photos

In 1906, the German immigrant Martin Nordegg arrived in Canada in search of adventure and opportunity. A few years later, he discovered and developed rich coal deposits on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains. In Nordegg, he built the largest mine in Alberta and created a model town that bears his name to this day.

One of Alberta's early pioneers, Martin Nordegg later pursued numerous economic, financial, and humanitarian interests, often in collaboration with the governments of Canada and the United States. In the 1930s, he helped many endangered citizens of Germany and other European countries to escape from persecution to North America.

Although well known and respected in political and financial circles in Canada, the United States, and Germany, Martin Nordegg was a very private person. His contemporaries admired his optimism, his energy, and his achievements, but few were aware of the personal tragedies he suffered throughout his life.

This is a true story of an unusual immigrant. Martin Nordegg's interests circled the globe, but he remained a loyal citizen of his adopted country, Canada.

About the Author: John Koch was born in Silesia, Germany. Following World War II, he studied history at the University of Würzburg before emigrating to Canada in 1954. After earning a masters degree in social work at the University of British Columbia in 1960, he worked in the social welfare and healthcare fields. In 1987 he retired and has since devoted his time to writing.

John is the author of Schloss Fürstenstein, an illustrated volume about a famous German castle, and also wrote the biography of Princess Daisy of Pless. Both books were published in Germany, in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

In 1995, John Koch and his wife Maria completed To the Town that Bears Your Name, a previously unpublished story by Martin Nordegg, translated from German by Maria Koch with a commentary by John, also available in German, Zur Stadt die Deinen Namen trägt.

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