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Heritage Hunter's Guide to Alberta Museums

Heritage Hunter's Guide to Alberta Museums
by Roberta Hursey

ISBN 0-9699669-3-8
338 pp / bibliography / index / illustrations

Museums are the emporiums of Alberta's history and heritage.

Alberta's fascinating history has barely been scratched. We have museums throughout Alberta more than 240 of them that do an excellent job of preserving Alberta's history and heritage. All but the most popular go unnoticed. Unless a person stumbles upon one while travelling, there are few guides to direct the "heritage hunter" to the many museums that are available.

The Heritage Hunter's Guide to Alberta Museums by Museum Consultant Roberta Hursey changes all that by providing a captivating topical history of Alberta as seen through its museums. This history and museum guide book includes anecdotes of people, places, and events. It contains more than one hundred pictures, many graphics, and James Marshall's wonderful ink drawings of heritage buildings. The book lists 240 museums and tells where they are, when they are open, and what kind of exhibits a visitor can expect to see.

In an accurate but non-academic manner, Hursey takes the reader on a journey through time, starting from its geological beginnings. We catch a glimpse of Alberta's original inhabitants, the fur trade, and the coming of the missionaries. The North West Mounted Police make their debut, followed by the rise of Alberta's ranching industry. Hursey tells of the railways opening the way for the homesteaders in the "Last Best West." Mining, the oil boom, urban development, two wars and a depression, aviation, and a host of other topics come into view.

As an extra bonus, interesting anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the book about Alberta's colourful characters.

The Heritage Hunter's Guide to Alberta Museums will fill a gap which will encourage more museum visitations and add to the knowledge and appreciation of Alberta's heritage.

About the Author: Roberta Hursey has been working with Alberta museums for over 18 years. As owner of Museums Exhibits & Programs Services, Hursey has curated many exhibitions and assisted museums in planning programs and displays.

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