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Erna's Medley

Erna's Medley
by Ruby Paull

ISBN 0-9683627-0-2
136 pages / photos

Erna might have lived a quiet and idyllic life in a small German village in Russia's mountainous Caucasus region. But times dictated otherwise.

Shortly after Erna's birth into a new village, World War I erupted, followed by the Russian Revolution. Both events shook not only the little village and the country of Russia, but the entire world.

Caught up in a world of violence and rapid change, Erna experienced firsthand the horrors of revolution and the total disruption of her once secure life.

Erna's experiences took her on a suspenseful journey through Russia, to freedom in Western Europe, and ultimately to her family's promised land, Canada. There, Erna experienced more unpleasant adventures as a young immigrant, but at least she was free from the horrors that invaded Europe.

Erna's Medley is a true story of a young girl's courage in the face of extreme danger; a young woman's compassion toward those in need; a farmer's wife's devotion to her husband and her children; and a mature woman's dedication to her community. It is a story filled with adventure, humour, and faith in God and in one's neighbour. Erna's Medley is a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fireplace on a cold night.

About the Author: Ruby Paull was born and raised on the prairies of Alberta. She graduated from high school at sixteen, having taken grades three and four in one year. She wanted to become a nurse, but the school of nursing would not accept applicants under eighteen years of age. She did become a nurse's aide at the hospital in Coronation, Alberta. During the two years she worked as a nurse's aide, she met her future husband, George. They married and had three children.

After her first child started school, Ruby went back to school and in 1974 graduated from the University of Alberta with a BEd degree. After teaching Elementary School in the County of Leduc for twenty-five years, Ruby retired to pursue a writing career and to help operate a trucking business established by her and her husband.

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