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Zur Stadt die Deinen Namen trägt

Zur Stadt die Deinen Namen trägt
by Martin Nordegg

ISBN 0-9699669-2-X
112 pages / biography /
illustrations / photos

In 1912, Martin Nordegg, the German-born entrepreneur and early Alberta pioneer who discovered and developed coal deposits on the Eastern slopes of the Alberta Rocky Mountains, took his fourteen year old daughter Marcelle on a journey on horseback to Nordegg, "To the Town that Bears Your Name," and beyond, across the Pipestone Pass to Lake Louise and Banff.

As a souvenir of this journey, that actually started in Toronto and ended at the Pacific Coast, Martin Nordegg wrote a story for his daughter which describes in loving detail their adventures on this journey, creating a vivid picture of the country they crossed and a way of life that has already faded into history.

Photographs taken by Martin Nordegg enrich the story a loving father wrote for "my beloved daughter Marcelle."

About the Author: John Koch of Edmonton, born in the same German province as Nordegg, came upon this manuscript while researching material for a biography of the German entrepreneur (Martin Nordegg: The Uncommon Immigrant). Mr. Koch in a foreword and epilogue supplies necessary background; his wife Maria has deftly translated Nordegg's story into English which evokes both the original German and the era.

To the Town that Bears Your Name is available in English and in German.

It's an engaging trip to another time and into our Alberta heritage.
RAY DJUFF, Calgary Sun

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"Zur Stadt die Deinen Namen trägt"

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